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Creative Design
James R. Dexter Sr.
PO Box 1090
North Falmouth
MA 02556
(508) 563-1775

# 103717 H.I.C

# C.S. 049726-1G

# C.S 081010-00


Contact Information

Address P.O. Box 1090
Town North Falmouth
City/County MA
Zip Code 02556
Tel 508-563-1775
Fax 508-563-1775
Product/Service Building Contractor/Carpenter

Licenses are required for all residential building contractors and residential remodelers who contract with a homeowner to construct or improve dwellings. Creative Design offers more than one special skill.

If your house isn't becoming to you...
then you should be coming to me

Contact Me
P. O. Box 1090
North Falmouth, Massachusetts 02556
(508) 563-1775

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