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Creative Design
James R. Dexter Sr.
PO Box 1090
North Falmouth
MA 02556
(508) 563-1775

# 103717 H.I.C

# C.S. 049726-1G

# C.S 081010-00


About Creative Design

Jim has been a master woodworker and genuine craftsman for over 18 years, and has been in the carpentry business for over 20 years. Jim lives in the Falmouth area where he has built a large customer base. 

Some of the jobs that Jim had done include:

Spec Houses
Windfall Market, Falmouth, MA — Roof
Old Barnstable Road, E Falmouth, MA — House
Route 130, Forestdale, MA — House
Loud Fuel, Thomas Landers, W Falmouth — Office Building

If your house isn't becoming to you...
then you should be coming to me

Contact Me
P. O. Box 1090
North Falmouth, Massachusetts 02556
(508) 563-1775

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